Kouichi Mochizuki

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The effect of pentoxifylline on red cell deformability was studied using a new device of a polycarbonate membrane filter ("Nuclepore') and a differential pressure type transducer. Differential pressure fluctuations due to the passage of red cells through the "Nuclepore' membrane were recorded as a differential pressure curve of red cell filtration. Red cell(More)
There are limited clinical trials examining the efficacy of antihypertensive drug combinations aimed at preventing cardiovascular events. Therefore, we designed a randomized controlled trial using amlodipine as the base drug of a multi-drug regimen, the Optimal Combination of Effective ANtihypertensives (OCEAN) Study, to determine the drug combination that(More)
BACKGROUND The number of elderly type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients in Japan is increasing continuously. Hypoglycemia is a significant issue in their treatment. However, the actual situation and related details of their hypoglycemia remain unclear. In order to elucidate them, the Japan Physicians Association conducted a large-scale questionnaire(More)
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