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Dolphins are known to show similarities to humans with respect to a range of visual perceptual tasks, but it is not well understood how dolphins perceive objects through vision. In this study, we tested the relative size discrimination of visual stimuli in a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in order to examine whether dolphins could solve size(More)
The inhibitory effects of deep brain stimulation (DBS) were investigated in a rat model of kainic acid (KA)-induced limbic status epilepticus. Wistar rats were injected with 1.0 microg KA into the left amygdala after stereotactic implantation of a guide cannula and electrodes. Bipolar rectangular pulses of 0.1 msec duration and 0.1-0.3 mA amplitude were(More)
  • K Kato
  • 1994
One subjective examination in accommodation, we found fundamental fault in the self-selection of clear vision against stimulus target and the time control of examination. On the other hand, it was difficult to objectively judge clear vision or check subjects consciousness for the tests. In this study, we made a trial instrument called new accommodometer(More)
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