Kouichi Hayano

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Rhizobium sp. strain AC100, which is capable of degrading carbaryl (1-naphthyl-N-methylcarbamate), was isolated from soil treated with carbaryl. This bacterium hydrolyzed carbaryl to 1-naphthol and methylamine. Carbaryl hydrolase from the strain was purified to homogeneity, and its N-terminal sequence, molecular mass (82 kDa), and enzymatic properties were(More)
We previously reported that manidipine, a new dihydropyridine type calcium channel blocker, produced chylous peritoneal dialysate being visually indistinguishable from infective peritonitis in 5 patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) [Yoshimoto et al. 1993]. To study whether such an adverse drug reaction would also be elicited(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE We often encounter unresectable pancreatic cancer due to invasions of the major vessels. Vascular resection for locally advanced pancreatic cancers has an advantage in en block local resection. There are potential cases in which good outcomes can be achieved by arterial resection. METHODS Pancreatectomy (including total pancreatectomy(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing demand for living donor liver transplants. However, the biliary complication rates are still high. METHODS The anatomy of the communicating arcade (CA) between the right and left livers and its relevance to the blood supply of the hilar bile duct was evaluated using adult cadaveric livers and cast specimens. RESULTS In(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The resectability of locally advanced pancreatic cancer depends upon, before anything else, the relationship between the tumor and the adjacent arterial structure. Pancreatic cancer that has developed at the caudal side of the pancreas can invade the common hepatic artery (CHA). Pancreatic cancers with CHA involvement can become(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Pancreatic cancers in which invasion to the root of the mesentery are suspected have been regarded as unresectable in general. We report the surgical techniques in two cases of locally advanced pancreatic cancer for which in situ surgical procedures including partial abdominal evisceration and intestinal autotransplantation were(More)
A case of minimal change nephrotic syndrome associated with acute oliguric renal failure after exercise is reported. Renal function returned to normal after the patient underwent hemodialysis, and the nephrotic state was improved by administration of prednisolone. Adequate supportive management of the renal failure and early administration of(More)
We report a case of endstage renal disease due to simultaneous occurrence of membranous nephropathy and crescentic glomerulonephritis associated with anti-GBM antibodies. The patient was a 60-year-old male and was hospitalized for prolonged anorexia and general malaise. On admission, his body temperature was 38.5 degrees C. Urinalysis revealed 3+(More)
D2 lymph node dissection in laparoscopic surgery for early colon cancer requires selective vessel dissection, making it technically very difficult. Using surgical simulation-CT colonography (simulation-CTC), we could perform laparoscopic assisted sigmoid colectomy preserving the inferior mesenteric artery (IMA) and vein (IMV) more accurately and safely. The(More)