Kouichi Akahane

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We examine the timing dependence of nanophotonic devices based on optical excitation transfer via optical near-field interactions at the nanometer scale. We theoretically analyze the dynamic behavior of a two-input nanophotonic switch composed of three quantum dots based on a density matrix formalism while assuming arrival-time differences, or skew, between(More)
We theoretically and experimentally evaluated energy dissipation of nanophotonic devices based on energy transfer via near-field interactions and their interfaces with optical far-fields. The lower bound is about 10 4 times more energy-efficient than electronic devices. We also examined some fundamental differences between near-field-mediated optical energy(More)
In this study, we report the effect of the excitation of non-exciton components caused by broadband pulses on quantum beat oscillation. Using a spectrally controlled pump pulse, a long-lived oscillation is clearly observed, and the pump-power dependence shows the suppression of the dephasing rate of the oscillation. Our results from incoherent carrier(More)
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