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— We developed a high-performance programmable SISO decoder LSI for decoding Turbo codes based on the SW-Log-BCJR algorithm. This LSI is based on the original architecture and memory management method, which guarantees the order of the soft-output to be the same as soft-input without attaching LIFO memory. Moreover, we propose new accurate implementation on(More)
The simultaneous occurrence of multiple primary intracranial tumors has been reported previously. However, most of these tumors arise after cranial radiotherapy or in association with familial tumor syndromes. Double tumors of different histologies that are unrelated to radiotherapy or genetic disorders are very rare. We present a case of two primary(More)
New app1ication.a th.at support cooperative work of users on. distributed computers often share perai9ten.t data atru.cturea that con,tain poinders. For th.eae ap-p1ication.a. th,e un.derlyin,g system, often wea th,e " page aenler " arch,itecture. in which th,e persistent data are ah.ipped from th.e server on a page basis, ad clients cache th,e pagea for(More)
Cells, growth factors, and scaffolds are the three main factors required to create a tissue-engineered construct. After the appearance of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), considerable attention has therefore been focused on nonbovine materials. In this study, we examined the properties of a chitosan porous scaffold. A porous chitosan sponge was(More)
In cooperative applications such as group CAD and group software development systems, multiple processes communicate with each other by sharing complex data structures consisting of nested structures and pointers. Although the sharing of complex data structures in the distributed environment is achieved through the technology of distributed shared memory, a(More)
In the new applications that support user cooperation using the power of distributed computers, users' processes in distributed hosts often share large data structures containing nested structure and pointers that often indicate persistent objects. Transactions usually manage concurrent accesses to shared persistent objects in such applications. Although(More)
Using a strongly polar cyanopropyl capillary column we have investigated the gas chromatography (GC) separation behaviors of 24 octadecadienoic acid methyl ester (18:2ME) isomers compared against saturated methyl stearate (18:0ME) and arachidic acid methyl ester (20:0ME), and the dependency on the GC column temperature. The 24 isomers were obtained by(More)
The interaction of viral proteins with host-cellular proteins elicits the activation of cellular signal transduction pathways and possibly leads to viral pathogenesis as well as cellular biological events. Apoptotic signals induced by DNA-damage are remarkably up-regulated by Friend leukemia virus (FLV) exclusively in C3H hosts; however, the mechanisms(More)
INTRODUCTION Intraoral mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma is a rare lymphoma that has a good prognosis if diagnosed correctly and treated in time. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 64-year-old woman was referred to our department with asymptomatic swelling of the left hard palate. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a mass in(More)
Bromodomain and extraterminal protein (BET) inhibitors suppress the expression of c-MYC. U266, a human myeloma cell line, expresses the MYCL gene, but not the c-MYC gene. Our aim was to analyse the antimyeloma activity of BET inhibitors on U266 cells. Two BET inhibitors, I-BET151 and JQ1, were tested. U266 cell proliferation decreased to 61.5 and 54.0% of(More)