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UNLABELLED The aim of this cross-over, randomized, single-blinded trial was to examine whether intra-esophageal acidification induces sleep bruxism (SB). Polysomnography with electromyogram (EMG) of masseter muscle, audio-video recording, and esophageal pH monitoring were performed in a sleep laboratory. Twelve healthy adult males without SB participated.(More)
Three cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease occurring in one family have been clinicopathologically examined. Although the age at onset, duration, and age at death differed for each case, pathological findings, including diffuse neuronal loss, astrocytosis, spongiform changes and patchy and/or diffuse white matter involvement were similar. Life histories and(More)
A cor triatriatum is a congenital malformation of the heart which, in almost all cases, is diagnosed in childhood, whereas adult cases are very rare. The hemodynamics of the cor triatriatum is similar to that of mitral stenosis, which sometimes, but rarely, causes embolism. We present a case of multiple cerebral infarctions accompanied with a cor(More)
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