Kouhei Miyatani

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Monocytic leukemia (MoL) cells were obtained from the peripheral blood of a patient in whom the leukemic cells infiltrating various lymphoreticular organs exhibited features intermediate between interdigitating reticulum cells (IDC) and ordinary phagocytic macrophages, whereas the leukemic cells in the peripheral blood were essentially monocytic and lacked(More)
Right-sided cardiac malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) is extremely rare, and to the authors' knowledge only three cases have been reported. In this study, a case of MFH in the right ventricle, the septum, and the pulmonary valves and artery in a 47 year old male is described. The tumor showed typical pathological features of MFH, such as cellular(More)
The biomass, morphology, and respiration of the fine roots of Chamaecyparis obtusa did not change between different soil acid buffering capacities. Soil nitrate has noticeable effects on morphology and respiration. Low soil acid buffering capacity (ABC) accelerates soil acidification because of the lower concentrations of base cations (BC) and higher(More)
In order to clarify the function of human S100 beta-positive T-cells, S100 beta-positive T-leukemia cells (S100 beta TLC) were examined in vitro. S100 beta TLC were obtained from the peripheral blood of a patient with S100 beta-positive T-cell leukemia and enriched by an E-rosetting method. Two dimensional flow cytometric analysis indicated that the vast(More)