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The effects of safe concentrations of fenitrothion 50% E.C., an organophosphate, and carbofuran 3% G, a carbamate, on testicular recrudescence of Channa punctatus during the maturing, prespawning, and spawning phases (15th April through 12th August, 1980) of the annual reproductive cycle have been studied. The results reveal that compared to the carbofuran(More)
The effect of safe application rate (SAR) concentrations of fenitrothion 50% EC--an organo-phosphate and carbofuran 3% G--a carbamate on the gonads (ovaries/testes) of Channa punctatus was studied for 120 days (mid-April through mid-August) extending over the preparatory, prespawning, and spawning phases of annual reproductive cycle. The studies have(More)
The effects of safe concentrations of carbofuran 3% G (5 ppm) and fenitrothion 30% E.C. (1.5 ppm) on ovarian recrudescence of Channa punctatus during the maturing, prespawning, and spawning phases (mid-April through mid-August) of the annual reproduction cycle were studied. The results reveal that, compared to carbofuran treatment, fenitrothion was more(More)
The present study focused to investigate the detection and characterization of phytomolecules relaxing smooth muscle of dichloromethane-ethanolic extract of Morinda morindoides using in vitro model. Local rabbit of both sexes weighting between 1500 and 2000 g were used. The effect of the extract on contraction of isolated rabbit ileum and the response of(More)
Morinda morindoides (Backer) Milne-Redhead (Rubiaceae) is used by the people of west and central Africa for the treatment of diarrhea. The dichloromethane/ethanol extract of M. morindoides (Back) (ETDE) known to be used orally, will be in direct contact with the nobles organs. This study is conduced to see if this extract has effects on the body more(More)
Aim: A biological trial was conducted for a period of seven weeks to study the effect of graded levels of tallow (saturated) and sunflower oil (un saturated) or combination of both on the production performance, carcass characteristics, serum and meat cholesterol level in broilers. Materials and Methods: The experimental feeds were prepared by the addition(More)
The effect of subtoxic concentrations (SC) of carbofuran 3% granules (G), a carbamate (5 ppm) and fenitrothion 50% emulsifiable concentrate (EC), an organophosphate (1.5 ppm) on protein-bound iodine (PBI) levels in the blood plasma of Channa punctatus were studied. Exposure to fenitrothion caused more decline in PBI levels than did carbofuran exposure.
Phytostabilized silver nanoparticles are being widely studied for its various pharmacological properties. In the present study silver nanoparticles synthesized using Black pepper extract was evaluated for its acute toxicity and also for its anti inflammatory activity in carrageenan induced paw edema in rats. The anti inflammatory effect was also compared(More)
The effect of 'safe application rate (SAR)' concentrations of the insecticides fenitrothion 50% EC (an organophosphate) and carbofuran 3% G (a carbamate) on histopathological changes in the thyroid gland have been studied during chronic exposure for 120 days (mid-April to mid-August). The studies reveal significant declines in the diameters of the follicle(More)
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