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This paper addresses identification of Hammerstein systems using the sampled input-output data in frequency domain. When the static memoryless nonlinear part of Hammerstein model can be considered as a polynomial with a known order, the following linear part can be estimated as a multi-input single-output (MISO) systems with the numerical algorithm for(More)
In CAD data / electron beam exposure data conversion, a new algorithm to treat overlapping cells hierarchically is proposed. Geometric transformations, such as resizing, for overlapping cells are performed without referring to the other cells by introducing a data marking structure. The conversion time of a 16M DRAM and a 70Kgates LSI circuits becomes as(More)
In this paper, decision of air-pressure limit value in the case of artificial respiration is considered. Air-pressure limit value is an important conditional parameter of artificial respiration. the pulmonary characteristics are very different according to the person. For setting appropriate ventilation conditions fitting to each patient, it is necessary to(More)
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