Kou Arisue

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The morphology of the root apex was analysed by observation of the anatomy of specimens obtained by apicoectomy in cases of refractory apical periodontitis that did not respond to nonsurgical root canal treatment. Apical ramifications were present in 19 (70%) of the roots, while one were found in the remaining eight (3%) roots. This frequency is far higher(More)
We successfully adapted the dimercaprol (BAL) tributyrate-5,5'-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) method (J. Biochem. 81: 361, 1977) for assay of lipase in human serum to a discrete analyzer (the TBA 880) (I) or a continuous-flow analyzer (AutoAnalyzer, Type II) (II). In both, BAL-tributyrate is used as substrate, in combination with serum esterase inhibitors(More)
A new enzymatic method is described for the determination of creatine in serum and urine with Abbott ABA-200. The measurement is accomplished by transforming creatine to formic acid in a reaction catalyzed by creatinase (creatine amidinohydrolase), sarcosine oxidase and formaldehyde dehydrogenase (see Figure 1). The assay takes less than 20 minutes. The(More)
Effects of sodium ursodeoxycholate, hyodeoxycholate and dehydrocholate on serum and liver cholesterol levels, bile flow, biliary cholesterol, phospholipid and bile acid secretions, and fecal sterol and bile acid excretions were examined with Wistar strain male rats fed ordinary and 2% cholesterol supplemented diets. Dehydrocholate increased the liver(More)
A new enzymatic method is described for the determination of creatine in serum and urine using creatine amidinohydrolase (EC, sarcosine oxidase (EC and formaldehyde dehydrogenase (EC The principle of the method is as follows. Creatine is degraded to sarcosine and urea, and the sarcosine formed is measured with sarcosine oxidase(More)
The circadian rhythm of plasma corticosteroid (CS) levels in adult female rats was studied chronologically under the following conditions: normal light-dark (LD), inverted light-dark (DL), constant dark (DD) and constant light (LL). Animals were accustomed to LD condition for 7 days before exposure to each abnormal lighting regimen. Normal circadian rhythm(More)
Ultimately thin multiferroics arouse remarkable interest, motivated by the diverse utility of coexisting ferroelectric and (anti)ferromagnetic order parameters for novel functional device paradigms. However, the ferroic order is inevitably destroyed below a critical size of several nanometers. Here, we demonstrate a new path toward realization of atomically(More)
The repetitive analysis of serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) isoenzymes has been performed on a weak anion exchanger (TSKgel DEAE-5PW), which was developed by introducing diethylaminoethyl groups into TSKgel G5000PW (10 microns particle diameter)--a hydrophilic polymer-based material of large pore size--for high-performance gel chromatography. By use of(More)
In Japan, having epilepsy was defined as an absolute disqualification for driving license in the Road Traffic Act enacted in 1960. In view of subsequent changes in domestic road traffic conditions and advances in epilepsy treatment and owing to efforts by interested parties, the 2002 revision of the Road Traffic Act conditionally permitted epileptic(More)