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AIMS Obesity is known to be associated with cardiovascular disease and interaction between inflammation and insulin resistance is reported to enhance the cardiovascular risk in these subjects. The present study was designed to assess indices of insulin sensitivity, insulin resistance and sialic acid levels and their association in non-diabetic normotensives(More)
The role of trace elements in dengue virulence is not yet known. The present study assessed the serum levels of two micronutrients, copper and iron, in cases of dengue fever. The study involved 96 patients of whom 48 had either severe or non-severe forms of dengue (with and without warning signs), and the remaining 48 were patients with other febrile(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress and inflammation are implicated in the pathogenesis of obesity and its related complications. Previous studies have suggested a potential link between obesity and altered iron metabolism. The present study was designed to evaluate iron, C-reactive protein, ceruloplasmin and oxidative stress and their association, if any, in(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify predictive risk factors for myocardial dysfunction in children with scorpion sting envenomation and to evaluate the effects of Scorpion antivenom and prazosin combination therapy on occurrence of myocardial dysfunction. DESIGN Observational. SETTING Tertiary care hospital in Southern India. PARTICIPANTS 85 children aged <13 years(More)
Body surface area (BSA)-based prednisolone dosing for childhood nephrotic syndrome (NS) leads to higher cumulative prednisolone doses than body weight (BW)-based dosing. The clinical effects of this higher dosage have not been evaluated in prospective studies. This parallel-group open-label randomized clinical trial enrolled 100 children with idiopathic NS,(More)
Obesity is a pathological condition which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. The present study was designed to evaluate homocysteine, lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)], apolipoprotein-B (apo-B), apolipoprotein-A-I (apo-A-I) and lipid indices and their association if any in obese South Indian men. Thirty obese men and thirty age-matched males with normal(More)
The severity of alcoholic cirrhosis depends on the presence of liver inflammation and fibrogenesis. Previous studies have hypothesized that carbohydrate deficient transferrin can be used as marker of liver impairment in alcoholic liver disease patients. The present study was designed to assess whether carbohydrate deficient transferrin is associated with(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the efficacy of two vitamin D dosages (1000 vs. 400 IU/day) for osteoprotection in children with new-onset and infrequently-relapsing nephrotic syndrome (IFRNS) receiving corticosteroids. METHODS This parallel-group, open label, randomised clinical trial enrolled 92 children with new-onset nephrotic syndrome (NS) (n = 28) or IFRNS (n(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D deficiency (<10ng/mL) and insufficiency (10-30ng/mL) may contribute to musculoskeletal symptoms observed in patients taking letrozole. This study was undertaken to assess the vitamin D status in breast cancer patients who received letrozole for >2months and to see the effects of vitamin D3 and calcium supplementation on them. METHODS(More)