Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar

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In this paper a new method to construct zero cross correlation code with the help of Pascal's triangle pattern called Pascal's Triangle Matrix Code (PTMC) for Spectral Amplitude Coding Optical Code Division Multiple Access (SAC-OCDMA) system is successfully developed. The advantages of this code are simplicity of code construction, flexibility of choosing(More)
A new generalization of Struve function called generalized Galué type Struve function (GTSF) is defined and the integral operators involving Appell's functions, or Horn's function in the kernel is applied on it. The obtained results are expressed in terms of the Fox-Wright function. As an application of newly defined generalized GTSF, we aim at presenting(More)
  • K. S. Nisara, M. Al-Dhaifallahb, M. S. Abouzaidc, P. Agarwald, K. S. Nisar
  • 2016
Recently, fractional k-integral operators have been investigated in the literature by some authors. Here, we focus to prove some new fractional integral inequalities involving generalized fractional k-integral operator due to Sarikaya et al. for the cases of synchronous functions as well as of functions bounded by integrable functions are considered. c 2016(More)
Twin support vector regression (TSVR) and Lagrangian TSVR (LTSVR) satisfy only empirical risk minimization principle. Moreover, the matrices in their formulations are always positive semi-definite. To overcome these problems, we propose an efficient implicit Lagrangian formulation for the dual regularized twin support vector regression, called IRLTSVR for(More)
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