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Automatic gender detection through facial features has become a critical component in the new domain of computer human observation and computer human interaction (HCI). Automatic gender detection has numerous applications in the area of recommender systems, focused advertising, security and surveillance. Detection of gender by using the facial features is(More)
Contrast enhancement is one of the primary aspects in computer vision. In order to understand the image, the contrast of the image should be clear. In many scenarios, especially in biomedical images, security and surveillance, the visual quality of source images or video is not up to the expected quality. There exist many algorithms such as histogram(More)
Automatic license plate localization is one of the crucial steps for any intelligent transportation system. This requires a series of complex image processing steps in which edge detection plays major role in case of non standard license plate as the edges give crucial information regarding the location. In order to localize the license plate in real time,(More)
Emotional speech recognition aims at classifying the human emotional states viz. happy, neutral, anger and sad etc.,. To classify these emotions we need to extract reliable Acoustic features like prosody and spectral. The time domain features are much less accurate than frequency domain features. So in this paper Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients(MFCC)(More)
Automatic license plate recognition is one of the crucial steps for any intelligent transportation application. License plate recognition is done in many approaches. However, license plate recognition in Indian scenario is very complex because, there is no unique standard for the plate. Even though the government stipulated the standards on how to write the(More)
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