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It is reported that liver hydrolysate (LH) enhances liver function. However, the effects of LH on physical fatigue are unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of LH on alterations in locomotor activity and energy metabolism such as 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), glycogen content, and blood lactic acid, after forced walking.(More)
In this work we give a method for constructing a one-parameter family of complete CMC-1 (i.e. constant mean curvature 1) surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space that correspond to a given complete minimal surface with finite total curvature in Euclidean 3-space. We show that this one-parameter family of surfaces with the same symmetry properties exists for all given(More)
In this paper, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of regular ends of flat surfaces in the hyperbolic 3-space H 3. Gálvez, Martínez and Milán showed that when the singular set does not accumulate at an end, then the end is asymptotic to a rotationally symmetric flat surface. As a refinement of their result, we show that the asymptotic order (called pitch(More)
For a complete minimal surface in the Euclidean 3-space, the so-called flux vector corresponds to each end. The flux vectors are balanced, i.e., the sum of those over all ends are zero. Consider the following inverse problem: For each balanced n vectors, find an n-end catenoid which attains given vectors as flux. Here, an n-end catenoid is a complete(More)