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The laminated structures in the hippocampal formation and cerebellum of homozygous dreher mice were compared to their littermates and to C57BL/6J mice in Nissl- and myelin-stained preparations. In the dreher dentate gyrus, ectopic granule cells were situated in the molecular layer, and frequently there was either partial or complete absence of the(More)
To analyze developmental abnormalities related to neuronal migration in the dreher mutant mouse, the neocortical cytoarchitecture of dreher and control mice were examined in Nissl-stained serial sections by light microscopy. In general, the dreher neocortex has six layers which are similar in size and thickness to those observed in normal mouse neocortex.(More)
The distribution of acetylcholinesterase(AChE) in the hippocampal formation of the dreher mutant mouse was studied by comparing homozygous mutant (drsst-J/drsst-J) with littermate control (+/? or +/+). In the control mice, AChE activity was most intense in the inner one-third of the stratum oriens and lacnosum of the hippocampus, and in the inner one-fifth(More)
The organization of the fiber connections and architecture of the cerebellum of reeler mutant mice was analyzed by an immunohistochemical and histochemical procedure. By immunohistochemical staining of the myelinated fiber arborization with antiserum against myelin basic protein, it was found in the reeler cerebellum that the fibers ran in all directions(More)
Antisera against bovine 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase (CNPase) and against chick myelin basic protein (MBP) were raised in New Zealand white rabbits. The specificity of CNPase antiserum was examined by Ouchterlony double-immunodiffusion test and immunoadsorption assay. With use of the specific antiserum, immunohistochemical localizations of(More)
No type of junction has yet been recognized between the two entities of the retinal double cone. In the present study, a junction-like structure was observed in serial sections of the double cone of the chick retina. It is recognized from the slightly outer part of the double cone to the outer limiting membrane. The apposing membranes are virtually parallel(More)
In the Snell dwarf motor cortex, area 6 of Caviness, the cell number, the stratification of neurons and the portion of layer-widths were absolutely identical to those of the controls. By means of the Golgi-Cox method modified by Ramon-Moliner, however, the pyramidal neuron was found to have small perikarya, short primary dendrites with sparse branchings,(More)
The Ciona intestinalis larva has two distinct photoreceptor organs, a conventional pigmented ocellus and a nonpigmented ocellus, that are asymmetrically situated in the brain. The ciliary photoreceptor cells of these ocelli resemble visual cells of the vertebrate retina. Precise elucidation of the lineage of the photoreceptor cells will be key to(More)