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The tree of life is one of the most important organizing principles in biology(1). Gene surveys suggest the existence of an enormous number of branches(2), but even an approximation of the full scale of the tree has remained elusive. Recent depictions of the tree of life have focused either on the nature of deep evolutionary relationships(3-5) or on the(More)
Energy conservation is an important global issue. Home is the third largest energy consumer, and 10% of the home energy is standby power of home appliances. The proliferation of home networks increases the standby power. The conventional technologies for low networked standby power such as WoL require continuous AC power, as much as 0.5 watts, to monitor(More)
Geological sequestration in deep underground repositories is the prevailing proposed route for radioactive waste disposal. After the disposal of radioactive waste in the subsurface, H2 may be produced by corrosion of steel and, ultimately, radionuclides will be exposed to the surrounding environment. To evaluate the potential for microbial activities to(More)
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