Kotagiri Ramamohanarao

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This article presents an improved approach to assist diagnosis of failures in software (fault localisation) by ranking program statements or blocks in accordance with to how likely they are to be buggy. We present a very simple single-bug program to model the problem. By examining different possible execution paths through this model program over a number(More)
This article presents a survey of denial of service attacks and the methods that have been proposed for defense against these attacks. In this survey, we analyze the design decisions in the Internet that have created the potential for denial of service attacks. We review the state-of-art mechanisms for defending against denial of service attacks, compare(More)
Data Grids have been adopted as the next generation platform by many scientific communities that need to share, access, transport, process, and manage large data collections distributed worldwide. They combine high-end computing technologies with high-performance networking and wide-area storage management techniques. In this article, we discuss the key(More)
Changes in retinal blood vessel features are precursors of serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. Therefore, analysis of retinal vascular features can assist in detecting these changes and allow the patient to take action while the disease is still in its early stages. Automation of this process would help to reduce the cost associated(More)
Intrusion detection faces a number of challenges; an intrusion detection system must reliably detect malicious activities in a network and must perform efficiently to cope with the large amount of network traffic. In this paper, we address these two issues of Accuracy and Efficiency using Conditional Random Fields and Layered Approach. We demonstrate that(More)
Deductive databases generalize relational databases by providing support for recursive views and non-atomic data. Aditi is a deductive system based on the client-server model; it is inherently multi-user and capable of exploiting parallelism on shared-memory multiprocessors. The back-end uses relational technology for efficiency in the management of(More)
In this paper, we introduce a practical scheme to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks based on IP source address filtering. The edge router keeps a history of all the legitimate IP addresses which have previously appeared in the network. When the edge router is overloaded, this history is used to decide whether to admit an incoming(More)
Two well-known indexing methods are inverted files and signature files. We have undertaken a detailed comparison of these two approaches in the context of text indexing, paying particular attention to query evaluation speed and space requirements. We have examined their relative performance using both experimentation and a refined approach to modeling of(More)