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Industrial noise is generated due to the number of sources that interferes with the signals. The source and weight of noise signals are hard to analyze hence a collective form of noise called Gaussian Noise is considered in this paper. This noise is collective form of noise signals that arise in industrial and transmission scales of signal processing. We(More)
In recent past research and development in the field of Human-computer/machine interaction (HMI) is on fast track because there has been enough advancement of technologies such as advanced image processing techniques and sensors etc. which provides ease to formulate a test bed to experiment various HMI. A device called Kinect has been introduced for(More)
Cancer of breast and cervix reign supreme among the fatal diseases in women globally. Interestingly the ovarian cancer has the highest mortality rate. This is attributed to its late clinical presentation and delayed diagnosis. The expression of p53 throws light on the prognosis of ovarian tumors. The surface epithelial tumors, especially the serous(More)
The paper proposes a method to use distributed arithmetic (DA) based filters to demodulate video signals on satellites. The demodulator uses a mixer, carrier recovery circuit, symbol recovery circuit and a Root raised cosine filter designed on DA based technique to implement the algorithm. Typical binary digital rates for digitized video are 3-4Mbps. To(More)
An efficient and optimized Distributed Arithmetic (DA)-based method for high-speed reconfigurable design and implementation of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters whose filter coefficients change during execution time is proposed in the paper. Normally, the Look up Tables (LUTs) is required to be implemented in RAM for DA-based implementation of(More)
In satellite transmission system, the base band data is modulated onto a carrier. Filtering takes place at number of stages during the modulation and demodulation stages. This results in signal delay and ringing. The tails which results from ringing of all the preceding pulses may combine to interfere with a particular pulse being sampled and results in(More)
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