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Most infants and preschool children are not able to voluntarily perform the physiological maneuvers required to complete the pulmonary function tests that are used in adults and older children. Recently, commercial devices using forced oscillation technique (FOT) suitable for young children have become available. In devices with FOT, an oscillation pressure(More)
BACKGROUND Exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) levels in children are unstable because they are regulated by many potent factors. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the reliability of eNO levels between a long interval and other lung functions in normal and asthmatic children. METHODS Eighty-three elementary school children (aged 11-12 years; male :(More)
BACKGROUND Using a breath sound analyzer, we investigated new clinical parameters that are rarely affected by airflow in young children. METHODS A total of 65 children with asthma participated in this study (mean age 9.6 years). In Study 1, the intra- and inter-observer variability was measured. Common breath sound parameters, frequency at 99%, 75%, and(More)
BACKGROUND Using a breath sound analyzer, we investigated clinical parameters for detecting bronchial reversibility in infants. METHODS A total of 59 infants (4-39 months, mean age 7.8 months) were included. In Study 1, the intra- and inter-observer variability was measured in 23 of 59 infants. Breath sound parameters, the frequency at 99% of the maximum(More)
OBJECTIVE Viral infections and sensitization to aeroallergens are major factors in the exacerbation of asthma and its development during early childhood. However, the cytokine profiles and eosinophil activation status linked to the association between viral infections and sensitization to aeroallergens are incompletely understood. Here we investigated(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE An effort-independent breath sound analysis is expected to be a safe and simple method for clinical assessment of changes in airway function. The effects of bronchoconstriction and bronchodilation on novel breath sound parameters in asthmatic children were investigated. METHODS The study population included 49 children with atopic(More)
BACKGROUND Although a number of patients with asthma report experiencing persistent cough during sleep, it has not yet been objectively investigated. OBJECTIVE To classify cough severity and evaluate a characteristic pattern of cough frequency in children with asthma using an objective cough monitoring system. METHODS An objective cough monitoring(More)
OBJECTIVE Cough is so common that the best method for evaluating nocturnal cough in children is required. METHODS We developed a cough monitoring system by evaluating 50 child volunteers, and validated the cough monitor in 20 samples from 10 children with cough overnight. Coughs were recorded using a video camera and digital sound recording. At the same(More)
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