Kota Gushima

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HoloMoL is a platform that helps us memorize different types of information by combining the method of loci memorization technique and mixed reality contents delivered through Microsoft HoloLens. This paper presents an overview of HoloMoL's design concept and implementation. To further understand our approach, we started by carrying out an exploratory study(More)
This paper proposes <i>Ambient Bot,</i> which is a notification service that ambiently offers some daily information to users. A user, who uses Ambient Bot, wears a lightweight head-mounted display (HMD) that shows the real space via a camera attached to the HMD. The user can see a virtual creature in the real space with augmented reality technologies. The(More)
The paper proposes a new way to encourage a community to increase the sustainability of their surroundings based on crowdsourcing. The most important characteristic in the approach is to automatically insert tasks that increase the community's well-being. Therefore, the more tasks the community's members perform that make their surroundings sustainable, the(More)
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