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The changes in length on the two opposite sides of etiolated radish (Raphanus sativus) hypocotyls prior to, and following gravitropic stimulation, were measured using an infrared-imaging system. It was observed that the growth suppression on the upper side began first at least 10 min after the onset of gravitropic stimulation, and after 30 min the(More)
BACKGROUND Raphanusanin (Ra) is a light-induced growth inhibitor involved in the inhibition of hypocotyl growth in response to unilateral blue-light illumination in radish seedlings. Knowledge of the roles of Ra still remains elusive. To understand the roles of Ra and its functional coupling to light signalling, we constructed the Ra-induced gene library(More)
Raphanusanin (Ra) is a light-induced inhibitor of hypocotyl growth that responds to unilateral blue light illumination in radish seedlings. We have previously shown that Ra regulates genes that are involved in common defense mechanisms. Many genes that are induced by Ra are also positively regulated by early blue light. To extend the understanding of the(More)
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