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A thermophilic bacterium, identified as a neighboring species to Geobacillus thermocatenulatus, having a growth optimum at 55 degrees C and, capable of degrading nylon 12, was isolated from soil by enrichment culture technique at 60 degrees C. At this temperature, the strain grew on 5 g nylon 12 l(-1) with a decrease in its molecular weight from 41000 to(More)
An enzymatic method was proposed for determination of acetylcarnitine (AcCar), even when carnitine (Car), non-acetylated form, co-exists. The method is consisted of four enzymatic reactions: First, AcCar is hydrolysed by acylcarnitine hydrolase to yield acetate; followed by the other three reactions coupled with three enzymes, respectively, acetate kinase,(More)
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