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In order to determine the clinical features of hepatocellular carcinoma in the elderly, a total of 622 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, including 91 patients 70 years or older, were retrospectively analysed with reference to their ages at the time of diagnosis. The proportion of females increased and that of hepatitis B surface antigen-positive cases(More)
Ten dogs that survived the perioperative events of liver transplantation were treated with 1 mg/kg/d oral FK. Eight of the recipients lived for at least 1 month postoperatively, and seven are still alive with normal hepatic function after 35 to 65 days. The consistency and good quality of results with this difficult transplant preparation using FK, in spite(More)
BACKGROUND Irbesartan has been reported to have beneficial effects on glucose/lipid metabolism in addition to an antihypertensive effect; however, such effects have not been clarified in hemodialysis (HD) patients. We investigated the effects of irbesartan on blood pressure (BP) as well as glucose/lipid metabolism, in HD patients with hypertension. (More)
Pancreatojejunal sutural insufficiency occurring after pancreatoduodenectomy and countermeasures are discussed. In the Department of Surgery at Kurume University School of Medicine, 318 patients underwent pancreatoduodenectomies. The present study includes 15 of these patients, all of whom had pancreatojejunal sutural insufficiency. The frequency of sutural(More)
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