Kosuke Imamura

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We introduce a new method, N-Version Genetic Programming (NVGP), for building fault tolerant software by building an ensemble of automatically generated modules in such a way as to maximize their collective fault masking ability. The ensemble itself is an example of n-version modular redundancy for fault tolerance, where the output of the ensemble is the(More)
How do we know the correctness of an evolved circuit? While Evolutionary Hardware is exhibiting its effectiveness, we argue that it is very difficult to design a large-scale digital circuit by conventional evolutionary techniques alone if we are using a subset of the entire truth table for fitness evaluation. The test vector problem fromVery Large Scale(More)
We propose N-version Genetic Programming (NVGP) as an ensemble method to enhance accuracy and reduce performance fluctuation of programs produced by genetic programming. Diversity is essential for forming successful ensembles. NVGP quantifies behavioral diversity of ensemble members and defines NVGP optimal as an ensemble that has independent fault(More)
We developed a square wave based artificial neuron to take advantage of inexpensive and readily available Field Programmable Gate Array technologies. While conventional neurons require computationally intensive floating point arithmetic to determine the output, our artificial neuron converts inputs into square waves and the time that these waves require to(More)
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