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A singular stochastic control problem with state constraints in twodimensions is studied. We show that the value function is C1 and its direc­ tional derivatives are the value functions of certain optimal stopping prob­ lems. Guided by the optimal stopping problem, we then introduce the associ­ ated no-action region and the free boundary and show that,(More)
Prilozhen., 15, No. 3, 95-96 (1981). 3. B. Ya. Shtein--~erg, Convolution Type Operators on Locally Compact Groups [in Russian], Manuscript Deposited in the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, Dep. No, 715"80 (1980). : ~ 4. V.M. Deundyak and Vo S. Pilidi, "A certain algebra of operators Of convolution type," ' Mat. Issledo, 2, No. 9,(More)
Thirty patients with cyanotic heart disease, including Fallot's tetralogy, transposition of the great arteries, and tricuspid atresia had Waterston's anastomosis for gross effort intolerance or cyanotic attacks. The results were good in 28. Spontaneous closure of the anastomosis occurred in one patient. There was a tendency for preferential perfusion of the(More)
The dynamic partial sorting problem asks for an algorithm that maintains lists of numbers under the link, cut and change value operations, and queries the sorted sequence of the k least numbers in one of the lists. We first solve the problem in O(k log(n)) time for queries and O(log(n)) time for updates using the tournament tree data structure, where n is(More)
Appendix Let det(P) be a stratiication (i.e., an ordered partition of the predicate names) of P. We can now extend this stratiication to the predicate names in foe(P) to obtain a partition of foe(P) by assigning each chosen r , and diff choice r predicates to the same stratum as that to which the head of r belongs to. Now for a stratiied program Q let Q j(More)
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