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AIR/X is a rule-based system for indexing with terms (descriptors) from a prescribed vocabulary. For this task, an indexing dictionary with rules for mapping terms from the text onto descriptors is required, which can be derived automatically from a set of manually indexed documents. Based on the Darmstadt Indexing Approach, the indexing task is divided(More)
Similarity searching in text databases with multiple field types is still an open problem. We focus our attention on the " COmmunity Research and Development Information Service " (CORDIS) database of the European Union and we evaluate the effectiveness of many text retrieval methods in terms of precision, recall and ranking quality. Our experiments(More)
Any attempt to define what a digital library is or is not will either be too vague or too restrictive It is rather an environment to bring together collections, services, and people in support of the full life cycle of creation, dissemination, use, and preservation of data, information, and knowledge. • defined by function not by technology • involve many(More)
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