Kostas Tsoumakas

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This aim of this study was to determine the association between emergency department (ED) boarding time, severity of illness, and outcomes for critically ill patients. This was a prospective cohort study of ED patients who met criteria for admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). Patients were divided into 2 groups: those who spent less than 6 hr in the(More)
Serum erythropoietin levels were measured in 67 regularly transfused thalassemic patients with pre-transfusion hematocrit ranging from 25-32% and in 40 normal individuals. In patients, mean erythropoietin levels were slightly increased (mean 91.5 miu/ml) as compared to normal individuals (mean 42 miu/ml). The distribution of erythropoietin (Ep) was wide in(More)
To determine the time required for arterial oxygen partial pressure (Pao(2)) equilibration after a change in fractional inspired oxygen (Fio(2)) in intensive care unit (ICU) patients, a prospective study in a 7-bed university ICU was performed. Forty adult patients were examined using sequential arterial blood gas measurements after a .3 alteration in(More)
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