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The holographic Weyl anomaly
We calculate the Weyl anomaly for conformal field theories that can be described via the adS/CFT correspondence. This entails regularizing the gravitational part of the corresponding supergravityExpand
Holographic Reconstruction of Spacetime¶and Renormalization in the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Abstract: We develop a systematic method for renormalizing the AdS/CFT prescription for computing correlation functions. This involves regularizing the bulk on-shell supergravity action in aExpand
Lecture notes on holographic renormalization
We review the formalism of holographic renormalization. We start by discussing mathematical results on asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetimes. We then outline the general method ofExpand
Branes in AdS and pp-wave spacetimes
We find half supersymmetric AdS-embeddings in AdS_5 x S^5 corresponding to all quarter BPS orthogonal intersections of D3-branes with Dp-branes. A particular case is the Karch-Randall embedding AdS_4Expand
Holographic Renormalization
We systematically develop the procedure of holographic renormalization for RG flows dual to asymptotically AdS domain walls. All divergences of the on-shell bulk action can be cancelled by addingExpand
Implications of conformal invariance in momentum space
A bstractWe present a comprehensive analysis of the implications of conformal invariance for 3-point functions of the stress-energy tensor, conserved currents and scalar operators in generalExpand
Thermodynamics of Asymptotically Locally AdS Spacetimes
We formulate the variational problem for AdS gravity with Dirichlet boundary conditions and demonstrate that the covariant counterterms are necessary to make the variational problem well-posed. TheExpand
Universal hydrodynamics of non-conformal branes
We examine the hydrodynamic limit of non-conformal branes using the recently developed precise holographic dictionary. We first streamline the discussion of holography for backgrounds that asymptoteExpand
Real-time gauge/gravity duality: prescription, renormalization and examples
We present a comprehensive analysis of the prescription we recently put forward for the computation of real-time correlation functions using gauge/gravity duality. The prescription is valid for anyExpand
Precision holography for non-conformal branes
We set up precision holography for the non-conformal branes preserving 16 supersymmetries. The near-horizon limit of all such p-brane solutions with p ? 4, including the case of fundamental stringExpand