Kostas Lillis

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Motivated by the fact that XML is increasingly being used in distributed applications, we propose building a cooperative caching scheme for XML documents. Our scheme allows sharing cache content among a number of peers. To facilitate sharing, a distributed prefix-based index is built based on the queries whose results are cached. In the loosely-coupled(More)
On demand routing protocols that exploit local caches have received a lot of attention lately in wireless adhoc networking. In this paper, we specifically address cache management, an issue that has been a main source of criticism for the applicability of such protocols. In particular, we tackle the problem of accessing the cache content efficiently. To(More)
Since most graphs evolve over time, it is useful to be able to query their history. We consider historical reachability queries that ask for the existence of a path in some time interval in the past, either in the whole duration of the interval (conjunctive queries), or in at least one time instant in the interval (disjunctive queries). We study both(More)
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