Kostas Kapetanakis

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Recent advances in web technologies have now created a ubiquitous environment for cross-platform and cross-device multimedia applications. Media files can now be reproduced in a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers and web-enabled televisions, using a common infrastructure. This trend towards unifying the technological(More)
The emergence of HTML5 and other associated web technologies have turned browser applications to cross-platform and device independent ones. In particular HTML5, WebSockets and X3Dom can shape a diversity of future applications, where the client-server operations will be obsolete. The X3Dom technology combines JavaScript, HTML5 and X3D to provide 3D(More)
Within the context of a 3D interactive strategy game, the EViE platform allows participants to unlock game features using their knowledge and skills in various thematic areas such as physics, mathematics, etc. By answering questions organized by Educational Objective in stratified levels of difficulty, users gather points which grant them access to desired(More)
In recent years, with the emergence of HTML5, the Web has managed to evolve from an Internet application for information announcement and exchange to a toolkit provided for pervasive, ubiquitous and collaborative services. In this context, the Web can ultimately provide Real-Time Communication (RTC) services between browsers via the Internet. WebRTC is the(More)
We present an integrated framework for interior decoration, merging Web3D technologies with SVG graphics and Semantic Web ontologies. The system is based on an OWL ontological framework describing the entire spectrum of interior design concepts that might affect the design process, from structural elements down to furniture fabrics. We further incorporate(More)