Kostas Alexis

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This study addresses the control problem of an unmanned quadrotor in an indoor environment where there is lack of absolute localisation data. Based on an attached inertia measurement unit, a sonar and an optic-flow sensor, the state vector is estimated using sensor fusion algorithms. A novel switching model predictive controller is designed in order to(More)
— The challenge of aerial robotic physical interaction towards inspection of infrastructure facilities through contact is the main motivation of this paper. A hybrid model predictive control framework is proposed, based on which a typical quadrotor vehicle becomes capable of stable physical interaction , accurate trajectory tracking on environmental(More)
— Within this paper, a new fast algorithm that provides efficient solutions to the problem of inspection path planning for complex 3D structures is presented. The algorithm assumes a triangular mesh representation of the structure and employs an alternating two–step optimization paradigm to find good viewpoints that together provide full coverage and a(More)
— This paper presents the conceptual design, detailed development and flight testing of AtlantikSolar, a 5.6m-wingspan solar-powered Low-Altitude Long-Endurance (LALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed and built at ETH Zurich. The UAV is required to provide perpetual endurance at a geographic latitude of 45 • N in a 4-month window centered around June(More)