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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A general dynamic theory of oceanic island biogeography
Aim  MacArthur and Wilson’s dynamic equilibrium model of island biogeography provides a powerful framework for understanding the ecological processes acting on insular populations. However, theirExpand
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The island species–area relationship: biology and statistics
Aim  We conducted the most extensive quantitative analysis yet undertaken of the form taken by the island species–area relationship (ISAR), among 20 models, to determine: (1) the best-fit model, (2)Expand
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A General Dynamic Theory of Oceanic Island Biogeography: Extending the MacArthur- Wilson Theory to Accommodate the Rise and Fall of Volcanic Islands
A theory attempts to identify the factors that determine a class of phenomena and to state the permissible relationships among the factors . . . substituting one theory for many facts. A good theoryExpand
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A model for the species–area–habitat relationship
Aim  To propose a model (the choros model) for species diversity, which embodies number of species, area and habitat diversity and mathematically unifies area per se and habitat hypotheses. Expand
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Adapting the IUCN Red List criteria for invertebrates
The IUCN Red List is the most useful list of species that are at risk for extinction worldwide, as it relies on a number of objective criteria. Nevertheless, there is a taxonomic bias that excludesExpand
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Island Species Richness Increases with Habitat Diversity
Species richness is commonly thought to increase with habitat diversity. However, a recent theoretical model aiming to unify niche and island biogeography theories predicted a hump‐shapedExpand
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Patterns of species richness on very small islands : the plants of the Aegean archipelago
Aim  To investigate the species–area relationship (SAR) of plants on very small islands, to examine the effect of other factors on species richness, and to check for a possible Small Island EffectExpand
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Island biogeography: Taking the long view of nature’s laboratories
Dynamics of island biodiversity Fifty years ago, MacArthur and Wilson published their influential book, The Theory of Island Biogeography. This work provided a quantitative framework forExpand
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Extinction debt on oceanic islands
Habitat destruction is the leading cause of species extinctions. However, there is typically a time-lag between the reduction in habitat area and the eventual disappearance of the remnantExpand
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Differences in species–area relationships among the major lineages of land plants: a macroecological perspective
Aim Although the increase in species richness with increasing area is considered one of the few laws in ecology, the role of environmental and taxon-specific features in shaping species–areaExpand
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