Kosta Mitreski

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The goal of the fuzzy diatoms models is to use the advancement of the fuzzy theory and with predictive modelling to predict the outcome of given condition of diatoms. Fuzzy modelling depends from many factors, mainly by the shape of the membership functions, similarity metrics and above all the operation between the fuzzy sets – the fuzzy operators. In this(More)
The challenge to discover knowledge from environmental data that has led to usage of methods and techniques such as data mining tools, can bridge the knowledge gap between the biological experts and organisms. This research aimed to assess relationships between the diatoms and the indicators of the environment with Naïve Bayes method. Diatoms are ideal(More)
In this paper we present the conceptual model for environmental management system with a module for processing data, which represents a combination of telecom-routing algorithms, data transmission to the station, mathematical model of total phosphorus cycle and visualization with GIS software for the model output. The concentration of total phosphorus (TP)(More)