Kosta G. Kostov

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  • K G Kostov, R Y Honda, L M S Alves, M E Kayama
  • 2009
This work reports the development of atmospheric pressure plasma reactor with dielectric barrier discharge DBD for material treatment. The DBD discharge has been generated in planar geometry reactor powered by ac voltage provided by conventional high voltage transformer. The dielectric barrier consisted of two glass slabs, which cover both reactor(More)
UNLABELLED Tuberculous spondylitis (TS) frequently poses both diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. The clinical symptoms, radiological imaging studies and laboratory tests are quite often inconclusive in the early stages of the disease. GOAL To identify early clinical symptoms, review results from radiological imaging studies and laboratory tests to(More)
This method can be applied to the non-drug treatment of diseases. It provides an exact evaluation of the healing effect by keeping the acupuncture point from overload. This method is realized by a bistable/monostable square wave oscillator. The electrical pulses for the treatment of the acupuncture point are delivered from the noninverted oscillator output.(More)
INTRODUCTION Urinary bladder diverticula are frequently resulting from obstructions. Our literature review did not reveal any cases of acquired urinary bladder diverticulum caused by long-term transurethral catheterization. CASE PRESENTATION We report a rare case of a nonobstructive big urinary bladder diverticulum developed after a long-term urethral(More)
The selectivity of different kinds of electrodes for recording of single motor unit potentials was theoretically evaluated. A new type of selective "branched", superficial and subcutaneous wire electrodes was described. The discharge of single alpha motoneurons during movements against elastic resistance was investigated studying motor unit potentials in m.(More)
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