Kosta Boshnakov

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The wastewater treatment process is a kind of complex large-scale system, and also an energy intensive process. For the urban wastewater treatment plan, about 50 to 70 percent of the total power energy is consumed in the aeration stage, and meanwhile the actual control method for the aeration process usual simple and crude. So it is possible to reduce the(More)
Inherent time-varying and heavy nonlinearity make the power electronic converter have many difficulties in control. Classical control approach can not reach ideal control effect. A kind of sliding mode double-loop control method is designed in this paper. To overcome the chattering caused by sliding mode control and improve the system stability further,(More)
The inherent characteristics of the DC-DC convertors, such as high nonlinearity and time-variation, often result in some difficulties in designing control approaches. Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control method and terminal sliding mode control method are combined in this paper to propose a new kind of adaptive backstepping based terminal sliding mode(More)
The present paper is an attempt for acceptable balance between theoretical research, computer simulations and experiments on real industrial objects. Several rules and recommendations are retrieved from the obtained results about the exploitation domains of certain classes of industrial metallurgical objects. The practical trend of the presented results is(More)
Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are promising clear and efficient new energy sources. An excellent control system is a normal working prerequisite for maintaining a fuel cell system in correct operating conditions. Conventional controllers could not satisfy the high performance to obtain the acceptable responses because of uncertainty,(More)
Some problems of hybridization in the area of industrial systems are considered. The term " hybrid approach " is used for variety of classes of systems and approaches. Firstly, it describes the aggregation of different intelligent techniques (Neural networks, Fuzzy logic, Rule based, Statistical, Analytical). Secondly, it allows several types of dynamics:(More)