Kosrow Nowroozi

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CA 125 has been found in high concentrations in human amniotic fluid throughout gestation, with significant quantities seen in the decidua and chorion. Because disruption of the epithelial basement membrane of the fetal membrane or the decidua could theoretically lead to a rise in maternal CA 125 levels, this increase may be a predictor of subsequent(More)
The efficacy of a technique of gonadotropin suppression and human menopausal gonadotropins (hMG) to induce ovulation in women with hypergonadotropic amenorrhea was evaluated in 100 consecutive women. Ovulation was achieved in 19% of cycles (68/361), the pregnancy rate per cycle was 5.2% (19/361), and the viable pregnancy rate was 2.2% (8/361). In the(More)
To evaluate the effect of fulguration of endometriotic implants in patients with mild endometriosis, we divided 123 patients into two groups: (A) patients whose endometriotic implants were coagulated, and (B) patients whose implants were left intact. In group A, 42 of 69 (60.8%) patients achieved a pregnancy within eight cycles following laparoscopic(More)
There have been some conflicting data concerning the importance of endometrial thickness and echo patterns before transfer in different IVF-ET situations under different COH regimens. We previously found in women undergoing IVF-ET after luteal phase LA-hMG a significantly higher PR in those patients attaining at least a 10-mm endometrial thickness and a(More)
BACKGROUND Because of donor oocyte programs, women who previously were considered too old to successfully achieve conception and delivery can now bear children. To our knowledge, there have been no previous reports of pregnancy outcome in women over age 50 who conceived using donor oocytes. This study presents the pregnancy and delivery data on two women(More)
The incidence of premature luteinization was evaluated in 400 women with a history of infertility (greater than or equal to 18 months). After its diagnosis, this condition was treated with ovulation-inducing drugs in the early follicular phase in an attempt to accelerate follicular maturation before the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. Premature(More)
Three women with very elevated, early-first-trimester CA 125 levels spontaneously aborted but not until later in the first trimester or early in the second trimester. All three products of conception showed chromosomal abnormalities. Further investigation is warranted to see if high CA 125 levels might be predictive of abnormal karyotypes.
A group of 32 women with at least 3 or more viable fetuses by sonography at approximately 8 weeks gestation were given the option of selective reduction. They were advised that this was a relatively new procedure but heretofore in a small series was not associated with a significant increase in fetal demise. Only 7 of 32 women chose this option. six of(More)
The presence of a unicornuate uterus is a rare congenital condition which represents only 1-2% of uterovaginal anomalies. Previous reports have demonstrated an increase in the number of cases of primary infertility, pregnancy loss and preterm labor associated with the unicornuate uterus. Herein, we present a case in which a patient conceived following a(More)