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This is a review article describing the recent developments in Video based Fire Detection (VFD). Video surveillance cameras and computer vision methods are widely used in many security applications. It is also possible to use security cameras and special purpose infrared surveillance cameras for fire detection. This requires intelligent video processing(More)
Video-based surveillance systems can be used for early fire detection and localization in order to minimize the damage and casualties caused by wildfires. However, reliability of these systems is an important issue and therefore early detection versus false alarm rate has to be considered. In this paper, we present a new algorithm for video based flame(More)
An aircraft is most at risk for an accident when it's still on the ground - when taxiing before takeoff or after landing. This is because traffic throughput on the ground is limited by inadequate airport infrastructures and is often incapacitated during conditions of poor visibility. The INTERVUSE project, funded by the European Commission, aims to address(More)
In this paper we present a method for body motion analysis in dance using multiple Kinect sensors. The proposed method applies fusion to combine the skeletal tracking data of multiple sensors in order to solve occlusion and self-occlusion tracking problems and increase the robustness of skeletal tracking. The fused skeletal data is split into five different(More)
Systems that provide ground movement management at airports, maintaining ground safety and increasing air traffic capacity, are called A-SMGCS (advanced surface movement guidance and control systems). However, common A-SMGCS systems, based on surface movement radars (SMR), are affected by limitations in their coverage due to reflections or shadows from(More)
Cultural expression is not limited to architecture, monuments or collections of artifacts. It also includes fragile intangible live expressions, which involve knowledge and skills such as music, dance, singing, theatre, human skills and craftsmanship. These manifestations of human intelligence and creativeness constitute our Intangible Cultural Heritage(More)
The paper presents a novel automatic early warning system to remotely monitor areas of archaeological and cultural interest from the risk of fire. Since these areas have been treasured and tended for very long periods of time, they are usually surrounded by old and valuable vegetation or situated close to forest regions, which exposes them to an increased(More)
This work aims to present an intelligent system for tracking moving targets (such as vehicles, persons etc) based on a network of distributed autonomous units that capture and process images from one or more pre-calibrated visual sensors. The proposed system, which has been developed within the framework of TRAVIS (TRAffic VISual monitoring) project, is(More)
In this paper, we describe a novel methodology for dance learning and evaluation using multi-sensor and 3D gaming technology. The learners are captured during dancing, while an avatar visualizes their motion using fused input from multiple sensors. Motion analysis and fuzzy-logic are employed for the evaluation of the learners' performance against the(More)