Koshi Philip

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Inflammatory periodontal disease caused by dental plaque is characterized by the clinical signs of inflammation and loss of periodontal tissue support. The mechanical removal of this biofilm and adjunctive use of antibacterial disinfectants and antibiotics have been the conventional methods of periodontal therapy. But the removal of plaque and the reduction(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study is intended to add a new parameter that would be useful in orthodontic clinical evaluation, treatment planning, and determination of vertical dimension (at occlusion). MATERIALS AND METHODS Standardized videographic recording of 79 subjects during posed smile was captured. Each video was then cut into 30 photos using the free(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different methods of ligation in tie configurations on friction in dry and wet conditions. METHODS Four methods of ligations were used: regular round tie, figure eight, twist, and diagonal. Materials used were Alastik (3M Unitek), Power O module (ORMCO), O-ring ligatures (JES), stainless steel(More)
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