Kosalai Kaliappan

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Geminiviruses replicate by rolling circle mode of replication (RCR) and the viral Rep protein initiates RCR by the site-specific nicking at a conserved nonamer (TAATATT downward arrow AC) sequence. The mechanism of subsequent steps of the replication process, e.g. helicase activity to drive fork-elongation, etc. has largely remained obscure. Here we show(More)
Geminiviruses primarily encode only few factors, such as replication initiator protein (Rep), and need various host cellular machineries for rolling-circle replication (RCR) and/or recombination-dependent replication (RDR). We have identified a host factor, RAD54, in a screen for Rep-interacting partners and observed its role in DNA replication of the(More)
Many transcription factors undergo transcription-coupled proteolysis. Although ligand binding activates ubiquitin proteolysis of estrogen receptor α (ERα), mechanisms governing this and its relationship to transcriptional activation were unclear. Data presented link cross talk between the Src kinase and liganded ERα with ERα activation and its(More)
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