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Multiple components of broccoli, such as sulforaphane (Sf) and phenolic acids, may inhibit cancer. Additionally, broccoli can accumulate selenium (Se), and Se has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cancer. Studies were conducted to determine whether enhancement of broccoli with Se would produce a plant with superior health benefits. Although increasing(More)
Iron status affects cognitive and physical performance in humans. Recent evidence indicates that iron balance is a tightly regulated process affected by a series of factors other than diet, to include hypoxia. Hypoxia has profound effects on iron absorption and results in increased iron acquisition and erythropoiesis when humans move from sea level to(More)
We have used mice with a targeted knockout (KO) of the 1,25D(3)-MARRS receptor (ERp57/PDIA3) in intestine to study rapid responses to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) [1,25D(3)] with regards to calcium or phosphate uptake. Western analyses indicated the presence of the 1,25D(3)-MARRS receptor in littermate (LM) mice, but not KO mice. Saturation analyses for(More)
The AIN-76A diet causes fatty liver in rodents when fed for long periods of time. The aim of this study was to utilize fatty acid analysis and transcriptomics to investigate the effects of different fat sources in the AIN-76A diet on tissue lipid profiles and gene expression in male, weanling Fischer-344 rats. Animals were fed isocaloric diets that differed(More)
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