Korris Fu-Lai Chung

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Time series data, due to their numerical and continuous nature, are difficult to process, analyze, and mine. However, these tasks become easier when the data can be transformed into meaningful symbols. Most recent works on time series only address how to identify a given pattern from a time series and do not consider the problem of identifying a suitable(More)
One of the major duties of financial analysts is technical analysis. It is necessary to locate the technical patterns in the stock price movement charts to analyze the market behavior. Indeed, there are two main problems: how to define those preferred patterns (technical patterns) for query and how to match the defined pattern templates in different(More)
In an ad-hoc retrieval task, the query is usually short and the user expects to find the relevant documents in the first several result pages. We explored the possibilities of using Wikipedia's articles as an external corpus to expand ad-hoc queries. Results show promising improvements over measures that emphasize on weak queries.
The rapid development of Internet technologies in recent decades has imposed a heavy information burden on users. This has led to the popularity of recommender systems, which provide advice to users about items they may like to examine. Collaborative Filtering (CF) is the most promising technique in recommender systems, providing personalized(More)