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Jamming attacks are considered one of the most devastating attacks as they are difficult to prevent and sometimes hard to detect. In this paper we consider the impact of the placement and range of limited-range jammers on ad hoc networks. Limited range jammers are more difficult to detect as they use transmission powers similar to that of regular nodes (or(More)
In order to provide security services in wireless sensor networks, a well-known task is to provide cryptographic keys to sensor nodes prior to deployment. It is difficult to assign secret keys for all pairs of sensor node when the number of nodes is large due to the large numbers of keys required and limited memory resources of sensor nodes. One possible(More)
In this paper, an original analysis on the uplink spectral efficiency of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) in Nakagami fading channel is introduced. Based on our exact evaluation, a closed-form expression of the spectral efficiency is proposed. Distinguished from the literature, the proposed expression yields accurate numerical results, validated by the(More)
One of the first steps to provide security for sensor networks is to pre-distribute cryptographic keys among sensor nodes for bootstrapping security. Each node can use stored keys to establish secure links with surrounding neighbors once deployed in the sensor field. Jamming attacks can force a network to perform different coping techniques to avoid jamming(More)
A key challenge in emerging multi-domain open environments is the need to establish trust-based, loosely coupled partnerships between previously unknown domains. An efficient trust framework is essential to facilitate trust negotiation based on the service requirements of the partner domains. While several trust mechanisms have been proposed, none address(More)
Key pre-distribution in nodes is often employed to address the problems of security with a single secret key and management with pair-wise secret keys in ad hoc and sensor networks. Sensor nodes can establish secure links with their neighbors through shared key predistributed before node deployment. At the ends of the spectrum of key pre-distribution(More)
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