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Residential consumers contribute to a substantial amount of electricity consumption. To ensure grid stability, a Home Energy Management System (EMS) that assists household inhabitants in operating home devices to achieve optimized energy usage is needed. Previous designs of Home EMS often have some issues. First, it places high implementation overhead on(More)
Node capability parameter configuration is the validation and settings of node capability parameter values according to node capability parameter configuration specification (CapSpc). A node capability is a property of a node required as basis for service implementation. This paper presents a Node Capability Parameter Configuration System (CapCon). Node(More)
In the envisioned future Smart Grid, ICT will be incorporated into the power system at all domains in order to improve the operation and management. The incorporation of ICT must be systematic and incremental. One enabler of this is a well-designed and shared information model. IEC61970-301 Common Information Model (CIM) standard exists for the power(More)
This paper proposes and develops a conceptual model for the rigorous representation, design, and utilization of e-books using RDF (Resource Description Framework) as the modeling language. The conceptual model views an e-book as a new type of information object with a complex structure in which its content is broken down into atomic units called "content(More)
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