Kornelija Kahlina

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Nitric oxide (NO) represents a short lived mediator that pivotally drives keratinocyte movements during cutaneous wound healing. In this study, we have identified p68 DEAD box RNA helicase (p68) from an NO-induced differential keratinocyte cDNA library. Subsequently, we have analyzed regulation of p68 by wound-associated mediators in human and murine(More)
An important role of inducible nitric oxide (NO) synthase for epithelial action during skin repair has been well established. Although a delayed healing of skin wounds has been recently described for eNOS-deficient mice, a participation of endothelial-type NO synthase (eNOS) in skin repair largely remains unclear. In this study we determined the expression(More)
Several fungi can undergo a dimorphic switch from yeast-like to hyphal or pseudohyphal forms in response to environmental cues. The Saccharomyces cerevisae GATA-type transcription factor Ash1p is required for diploid pseudohyphal differentiation during nitrogen starvation. In haploid cells, Ash1p is essential for the cell-type specific repression of the HO(More)
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