Kornel Marko

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OBJECTIVES We propose an interlingua-based indexing approach to account for the particular challenges that arise in the design and implementation of cross-language document retrieval systems for the medical domain. METHODS Documents, as well as queries, are mapped to a language-independent conceptual layer on which retrieval operations are performed. We(More)
PURPOSE Since 2003 the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has been developing a lexicon of standardized radiological terms (RadLex) intended to support the structured reporting of imaging observations and the indexing of teaching cases. The aim of this study was to translate the first version of the lexicon (1 - 2007) into German and to implement(More)
OBJECTIVES The increasing amount of electronically available documents in bibliographic databases and the clinical documentation requires user-friendly techniques for content retrieval. METHODS A domain-specific approach on semantic text indexing for document retrieval is presented. It is based on a subword thesaurus and maps the content of texts in(More)
In this paper we describe how the EUCases FP7 project is addressing the problem of lifting Legal Open Data to Linked Open Data to develop new applications for the legal information provision market by enriching structurally the documents (first of all with navigable references among legal texts) and semantically (with concepts from ontologies and(More)
We introduce a light-weight interlingua for a crosslanguage document retrieval system in the medical domain. It is composed of equivalence classes of semantically primitive, language-specific subwords which are clustered by interlingual and intralingual synonymy. Each subword cluster represents a basic conceptual entity of the language-independent(More)
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