Kornél Toma

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Functional connection between the motor cortex and muscle can be measured by electroencephalogram-electromyogram (EEG-EMG) coherence. To evaluate the functional connection to muscle between contralateral and ipsilateral motor cortices after pyramidal tract lesions, we investigated 6 patients with chronic subcortical stroke. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND It is known that hyperhomocystinemia is an independent risk factor for development of atherosclerosis. In end stage renal disease the frequency of hyperhomocystinemia is much greater than in normal populations. AIM In this study homocystein (Hcy), folic acid and vitamin B12 concentrations were determined in 125 chronic renal failure patients(More)
Synopsis To investigate if motor cortical representation shows plastic change after short-term somatosensory stimulation, the brain activation during the right thumb movement was compared before and after transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) by using fMRI. The activation in the primary motor area (M1) decreased after the intervention with TENS.(More)
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