Korey Burgin

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Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor of the fourth ventricle (RGNT) is a rare condition, which previously has been described predominantly in middle-aged patients. There is limited experience with this kind of tumor in the elderly. Clinical, neuroimaging, and histological features of an example in a 70-year-old male who presented initially with vertigo are(More)
An n-lift of a graph K, is a graph with vertex set V (K) × [n] and for each edge (i, j) ∈ E(K) there is a perfect matching between {i} × [n] and {j} × [n]. If these matchings are chosen independently and uniformly at random then we say that we have a random n-lift. We show that there are constants h1, h2 such that if h ≥ h1 then a random n-lift of the(More)
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