Korbinian Liebl

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Double stranded helical DNA and RNA are flexible molecules that can undergo global conformational fluctuations. Their bending, twisting and stretching deformabilities are of similar magnitude. However, recent single-molecule experiments revealed a striking qualitative difference indicating an opposite sign for the twist-stretch couplings of dsDNA and dsRNA(More)
Emission concentrations of culturable microorganisms were determined in the vicinity of three open or partly encapsulated composting facilities. Sampling was performed during so-called worst case situations which should promote aerial transport of emissions. Suitability of thermophilic organisms to detect an emitting influence of the plant was confirmed.(More)
DNA unwinding plays a major role in many biological processes such as replication, transcription and repair. It can lead to local melting and strand separation and can serve as a key mechanism to promote access to the separate strands of a double stranded DNA. While DNA unwinding has been investigated extensively by DNA cyclisation and single-molecule(More)
The statement presented here gives an overview and assessment of the procedures and concepts currently used for the collection and determination of airborne, culturable microorganisms at sources of emission within composting plants and in their near vicinity. The paper focuses on "classical" methods, which involve cultivation as an intermediate step for the(More)
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