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Extracellular levels of amino acids were estimated in dialysates of the rat striatum that were collected 1, 2, and/or more than 5 days after surgery, before (resting release) and during exposure to high K concentrations (50 mM) or electroconvulsive shocks. The resting release of several amino acids (Glu, Asn, Thr, Tau, Tyr, Gly, and Ala) was higher 9 days(More)
An automated method is described to couple carboxyl-containing metabolites to the fluorophore 2-aminoanthracene in aqueous solution (containing 75% methanol) in the presence of N,N-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide. The reaction was optimized for N-acetylaspartate (N-Ac-Asp) and N-acetylaspartylglutamate (N-Ac-Asp-Glu). The reactions occurred within 5 min at room(More)
Classical microdialysis has some drawbacks. Two main issues in this respect are the time-consuming calculations (due to partial recovery of an analyte) and depletion near the sampling site. In this paper we describe a sampling method, called ultraslow microdialysis (usMD), and compare this with ultrafiltration (UF) at flow rates between 100 and 300 nL/min.(More)
Continuous monitoring of arterio-venous glucose and lactate differences may serve as a diagnostic tool to assess normal brain function and brain pathology. We describe a method and some results obtained with arterio-venous measurements of glucose and lactate in the blood of the halothane-anesthetized rat and after brain injury. The method is based on low(More)
An enzyme-based flow-injection amperometric analysis system (FIA) for monitoring of uric acid and glucose is described. The oxidase and peroxidase enzymes are physically coimmobilised in a sandwich-type reactor and ferrocene serves as a mediator. The assays are based on the measurement of a reduction current resulting from the enzymatic reactions, at a(More)
In practice, poultry have their feed with drawn several hours before being collected and put on transport to the slaughter plant. With the exhaustion of their internal energy stores, the chickens may lack energy to cope with the conditions to which they are subjected. Meat quality is affected by the energy stored in the muscle at time of slaughter and its(More)
Glucose or lactate biosensors are very useful for monitoring metabolism. Continuous monitoring of glucose is for example very important in diabetic patients. The measurement of lactate, a marker for oxygen deficiency, is used in the intensive care unit to monitor the patients' condition. In our laboratory we have developed two types of on-line biosensors to(More)
The time course of changes in the tissue impedance and the levels of extracellular transmitter and non-transmitter amino acids was studied in the striatum and hippocampus of the unanesthetized rat after cardiac arrest. Electrodes were implanted for the continuous measurement of tissue impedance so that a measure of the volume of extracellular space was(More)