Koosha Sadeghi Oskooyee

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In this demo, Neuro Movie (nMovie), a brain mobile interface application, is demonstrated to show the usage of a community networking [1] framework called HumaNet. In nMovie, various combination of scenes can be played according to the viewer mental state. HumaNet can enable public exhibition of nMovie in a virtual theatre where each audience may experience(More)
Implementing a cognition cycle provides a real impression of the mechanisms of a natural intelligence system for explaining interdependent information processing activities among cognitive processes of the brain. The nature of information processing in the human brain is fuzzy. In this article, the Motivation/Attitude Driven Behavior (MADB) model as a kind(More)
Nowadays a lot of systems are developed to predict or suggest a diagnosis about the health level of a patient for helping physicians in their decisional process. Recent researches prove that decisional systems implemented by Bayesian networks represent an efficient tool for medical healthcare practitioners. Bayesian networks are graphical models with(More)
Evolutionary psychology (EP) is an approach toward the study of human behavior that encompasses theories of evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology. EP, originally based upon Darwin's theory of natural selection, seeks to explain various psychological phenomena. Theories of cognition proposed in EP can be examined through artificial life (also known(More)
Interference and specially one of the most common kinds of it which is also known as physical interference, is among the most critical problems in terms of multi-robot cooperation. A simple way reducing interference is to make robots remain in unique work areas and move the objects to the next robot as soon as they intersect their areas' borders. The(More)
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